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MRI is the best imaging test to visualize the spinal cord and its nerves. That’s because MRI is able to detect subtle changes in the spinal column that may show an early stage of disease or infection. It is more sensitive than CT scanning when it comes to soft tissues surrounding the spine.

MRI uses a magnetic field and highly specialized imaging software to create detailed images of organs, soft tissue, bones and other body parts. MRI exams are especially useful in helping to diagnose the nervous system, musculoskeletal and cancer-related diseases or injury. MRI is also one of the safest imaging tests you can have. There is no exposure to ionizing radiation of any kind.

the full range of MRI and imaging options

As one of California’s largest networks of Cash MRI centers, we offer you access to a variety of MRI systems. This includes traditional, high-field MRI as well as Front Open MRI and wide-open stand-up MRI systems.

Stand-up MRI

The most Front Open MRI system available, patients enjoy having nothing in front of their face during their MRI examination. In fact, they can watch TV during their MRI. Some patients experience pain when they are standing, bending or are in a position other than lying down. For them, a traditional MRI can miss their problem and lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. Stand-up MRI may be a better option for them, along with patients who are large, athletic, anxious or claustrophobic.

Traditional MRI

Referred to as “high field” MRI, traditional MRI is a powerful diagnostic imaging test for diagnosing pain or disease within the body. The patient is lying down during this examination.


As an outpatient network, CashPrice MRI charges much less for quality MRI, CT and X-rays than hospitals and most other imaging centers. This makes the cash-pay option affordable, whether or not you are insured. What’s more, you do not need a physician referral if you utilize the cash-pay option for an MRI.

CashPrice MRI is not a third-party resource—we own and operate all of our sites and have our own radiologists to read and interpret images, as well as supervise imaging tests.


Our doctors are specially trained and equipped to diagnose injuries or problems that may have been missed by other providers. We are among the region’s leading experts in head, neck and spine imaging, and have specialized experience in traumatic brain injury, back injury and extremity pain. We also provide a comprehensive diagnosis for injuries that include exact measurements of any damage—which can help you get more effective treatment.


With locations throughout Southern California, chances are there is an CashPrice MRI center close to where you live or work. In many cases, same-day appointments are available.


With the widest open MRI systems available, you’ll be comfortable and unconfined during your test. You can even watch TV!

Best in California With Multiple Locations Providing Dynamic Positioning Stand-up MRI, Front Open MRI


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A Great Experience

I had an MRI done there this past week. All three employees were kind, respectful, courteous. They made my experience very comfortable. They answered all my questions with complete details. A great experience!!

Kimberly B. Riverside, CA

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The staff is great, they are so friendly

The staff is great, they are so friendly and they made me laugh so much and the office is so clean will definitely go back there when I need any MRI done. Thank you

Nancy C. Victorville, CA

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Best MRI!

I had a seated spine MRI. The staff was very professional, kind and med me feel comfortable. I was also allowed to watch a movie during the MRI so it went by fast. A special thanks to the MRI tech Kathy for taking such great care of me while in pain.

Carrie F. Calabasas, CA

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Open and Stand-up (Upright) MRI is designed with advanced technology for patients who are obese, suffer from anxiety, stress, and claustrophobia. It is more comfortable and convenient than traditional MRI, as the machines with the weight-bearing technology allow our experts to image patients in the exact position that they are experiencing.

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CashPrice MRI is California’s leading network of MRI centers - with the highest number of Open and Stand-Up MRI systems in the world - Along with the best in Cash MRI Test Price Plans designed ideally for patients with high deductibles or no insurance coverage.

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